pRoshi Neurodynamic Activator-

Complex Light Stimulation

  • Improves Memory
  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Replicates Meditation
  • Increases Concentration
  • Used for PTSD in Veterans
  • Assists Brain Function after Stroke, Surgery or Injury

Following many studies and tens of thousands of hours of clinical use, it has been shown that light stimulation across the delta to gamma range in a coherent Fhi ratio allows the brain to reset to its unique natural pattern. Physical and emotional traumas cause “looping” stuck on frequencies that create pain and emotional “triggers.” Head trauma, surgery, and shock can start low-frequency waves which continue to cause brain fog and lethargy.

Listen to healing music (with Solfeggio frequencies and bi-aural beats) and relax while giving your brain a boost! Sessions $60 (60 minutes)

Recommend 3 sessions within 10 days for maximum gain. Ongoing sessions for greater clarity and insight.

For Sessions: Email: or  Call 808-264-5940 Sessions are available in Haiku. Please email your choice of a time and I will confirm. If not available I will send options.

Rest in peace, Chuck…all the Roshinis and Roshidudes love you! Your warmth, your dedication, and your brilliance changed our lives…as did the Roshi!