2012 September

Yourself throughout all time and space

“Beloved Ones, All is well. Keeping lifting your hearts and eyes to the shining light. Feel the resonance with this light within each and every aspect of yourself throughout all time and space. Yes, you are far vaster than this expression in this life. And yet it is so important that you bring all of […]

There is nothing to wait for

“Beloved Ones,  Now is the time for you to realize that you are God expressing into form. Not all of God but fully your part of God. There is nothing to wait for…no healing, no learning, no tasks to complete. Nothing to wait for in the outer, no rescue, no success, no ending or beginning. […]

Every sensual touch..this is your life

  “Beloved Ones,   Into this moment bring all of your visions of good. Remember sparkling dawns and star-drenched skies. Every smile, every love, every warmth, every beauty. Every kindness, every excited learning, every daring trick, every sensual touch, every leap of faith and flash of insight. This is your life, Beloved. Draw all of it […]