2012 November

Love, loyalty, and truth are on the march

  “Beloved Ones, In this time of change, know that all that really matters is solid and real. Love can not change, Loyalty can not change, Truth can not change. Yet, when Love, Loyalty and Truth come to serve that of the One… rather than being held back in belief or service of separation and […]

Time is only perception

  Beloved Ones, When each moment becomes like a jeweled dewdrop filled with all that you are grateful for….you will know that you are free of all illusion. Let go of the past and find the beauty of now. Let go of all fear and know that you are at choice. Pure gratitude uplifts perception […]

All that is happening on your dear planet

  “Beloved Ones, As life becomes more complex, as you feel all that is happening on your dear planet, in your dear family, to your dear friends, and to your dear human self ……as much is increasing in intensity and density….just really learn to let it be. Each moment is what it IS….in the outer […]