2013 January

The final big sigh of release

  “Beloved Ones, As these days pass let yourself know that it simply ok to be who you are. What would the final big sigh of release feel like? What would the Belly Laugh of finally letting go sound like, echoing through the Universe? Would all the angels of heaven be laughing with you? Would […]

What themes keep flowing through your life?

  “Beloved Ones, All that you have learned and shared belongs to you. Take time to reflect on what themes keep flowing through your life. What do you always return to in your giving and your receiving? Make ever more conscious choices to feed your soul with those things that have always pleased you and […]

Did something happen? Yes!

  “Beloved Ones, Did something happen? Yes! Trust that as you make each choice for the highest loving intention that you are the change that has already occurred. Be in joy and know that the tides of change are going to bring greater ease and joy than you can imagine. As we have said you […]