2013 November

Love your whole field of awareness

  “Beloved Ones, This week that you have just passed through….brought an amazing turning point into expression. As more and more of you are choosing to gather in prayer, in meditation, in the focus on possibility brought on by zodiac or other signs, you are turning, turning the focal point of consciousness homeward. We bless […]

But rather be brave to ask “Is this what I am here for?”

  “Beloved Ones, Be brave. What is it that you need to be most brave about. Not an unknown future. But rather be brave to ask “Is this what I am here for?” In relationship, in work, in play, in being a householder, in the identity you are imaging as yourself, ask yourself, “Is this […]

See the sweetness of life that perseveres

  “Beloved Ones, There are times of intensity coming, We do acknowledge this, Dear Hearts,  storms, and changes of all kinds. Remember always that you are choosing your timeline, your path, to be one of peace. Emanate that peace and it shall keep you strongly on that path. Now is the time to choose peace […]

Not lukewarm kindness, we mean absolute audacious kindness!

  “Beloved Ones, In these times of great trial….for there are many temptations to believe someone to be “Them”….and this is indeed a great trial….allow yourself to believe that there is only “One”. As we have heard you say “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Now recognize that it is not some […]