2013 December

Do not let media or any source of fear or dualism be the creator of your reality

  “Beloved ones ” The coming year will bring great revelations. Allow yourself to live in the reality of your own choosing. How do you do this? By knowing that you lead yourself with your attention and intention. With every word spoken, with every belief held, with every action taken, you create your future. You […]

The reunion and celebration is for you, Beloved Ones, for you.

  “Beloved ones, Rejoice for the time of celebration is upon you! As you read these very words, indeed the angels are singing in joy that you are here in this moment, opening your heart and soul to simple yet liberating truths. It is in this moment that you can realize that if you join […]

Nothing can stop the birth of the new world

  “Beloved Ones, Now is the time for courage, faith and love as we near the tipping point when personal and global manifestation become almost instantaneous. Releasing old thought and behavior patterns becomes crucial in this time of Divine transition so that fear and contraction will have as little as possible to attach themselves to. […]

The greatest choice is simply the choice to love yourself

  “Beloved Ones, All that you seek is within you. Yes, you are creating your life from within. The greatest choice is simply the choice to love yourself. In that you find that you have the right to create what you really desire. In that you find that you actually do desire to create only […]