2014 April

A new higher expression of synergy and sharing

“Beloved Ones,  When the focus of many align in prayer and purpose there is great opportunity for a wave of change to be fulfilled. As so many brought their gaze to the moon last night the blessings of the divine feminine were vastly amplified. Yes, the balance of the heart of unity that dwells in […]

Allow yourself to believe in the greatest good

“Beloved Ones, This is the time of evolution. This is the time of revolution which is the great turning. Allow yourself to believe in the greatest good you can imagine. Every trip, every action, every word you have ever spoken first lived in your imagination and then was brought forth. This is the only way […]

Be Not Afraid!

“Beloved Ones, We are with you! Let the assistance of the Angels be a great gift to you by simply following the ageless truth, “Be not afraid!”. Now is the time to let go of any choice you continue to make because you fear lack, judgement or the unknown. Truly lack does not exist for […]