2014 September

A future of your own making

“Beloved Ones,  “Imagine that you are free to walk into a future of your own making. Surely it is that the future that you have created now as your present is of your own making. The trinity of thought, word, and action spins your reality from what you perceive as present to the future you […]

Another wave of energy Another wave of change

“Beloved Ones,  Another wave of energy. Another wave of change. Whatever is arising in this amazing story planet…remember that you can choose to be an island of peace. There are many events arising; this is a part of the great transformation. It may be political, it may be economic, it may be a solar flare….remember: […]

Be a part of the grand reunion and celebration

“Beloved Ones,  All of you who have come to be a part of the grand Reunion and Celebration, remember who you are. You live in a world of many details, driving, buying, cleaning, eating, talking, connecting to media of all sorts. Take time to ask yourself deeply, “Is this what is important to me?” Allow […]