2014 October

Reassure yourself as We reassure you

“Beloved Ones,  “You may be asking yourself now, “Will I ever have the life I desire? You may be asking y0urself, “Will I ever fulfill my purpose? Is it too late? Am I headed downhill, can I be healed enough, focused enough, happy enough to really get it together?” You may be asking yourself, “Is […]

Waves of awakening are arising for all of you

“Beloved Ones,  “Waves of awakening are arising for all of you. This can take many forms. You may feel that you need to change. You may feel that you just can not go on waiting for the great change to come. You may look at a person or situation as restraining your good…both as a […]

There is no failure or judge

“Beloved Ones,  “There are whole new possibilities arising with every new day. You can feel the “time density” increasing, you can feel the collective mind taking a new look at the future of the world, you can feel that “something is up.” Let that something be you. Now is the time to look within and […]

Attention and intention are the greatest gifts you have

“Beloved Ones,  “Every time the unified attention of the many focuses on the moon there is a great intake of the energies that We have been telling you are coming from the Great Central Sun. A great reflector and amplifier, the moon brings you the love of the Mother and the remembrance of the sacred […]

Bless yourself for being a part of this Hope

“Beloved Ones,  “Expect a wave of energy that will be truly productive in the month you call October. A great blessing that will bring many changes. Send your love to your own future, send your love to the future of all. Now is the time to trust that this pruning of the tree of life […]