2015 February

Look beyond lack and fully embrace all good

“Beloved Ones, We are with you always. And many of your loved ones who have passed are cheering you on. The light Beings and all those who serve the awakening of Earth are by your side. Never feel alone but rather call for comfort and assistance as your natural right. Perhaps parents, siblings, or others […]

Find your place and experience your joy

“Beloved Ones, Energies are now available for moving you rapidly toward your true purpose. Because you have free will only you can give acquiescence to these movements. Where in your life is there a fear, a situation, a relationship, or a role that you know you must let go of? Where in your life is there a […]

In each moment you are equally loved

“Beloved Ones, In each moment you are equally loved. Can you love life the same way? What a wonderful choice, to greet the gift of life, loving it all the time.”

God is good all the time

“Beloved Ones, There have been waves of energy in this last week. Many of you are choosing to express your life in higher ways. For those who are fully giving, this is creating wonderful inspiration and the openings for them to flower. For many timelines have shifted suddenly and a way of life, a deep […]