2015 November

There really is a great awakening and every part of the drama that you see on the Earth now is a part of this awakening

“Beloved Ones, Many of you are feeling called from within to send out the message to love all and not to judge the many by the few. Allow your knowing of this within as well. Give your energy to all of the highest aspects of your own being. Let go of judgment of those aspects […]

You are the one given sovereignty over your life

“Beloved Ones, The energies that are entering now, permeating all of you, are offering unlimited opportunity. This is related to the willingness to receive. Are you willing? You can only give that which you have received. The scarcity consciousness that was given to you by your culture needs to be revised. The Mother loves you […]

Feel life as the gift of the Mother

“Beloved Ones, There is a powerful surge of the Mother’s desire to give to all. Feel life as the gift of the Mother. All form, all food, all shelter, your very flesh…all gifts of the Mother. Your Spirit, your being, your purpose, all gifts of the Father. To receive of the Mother is to be […]