You have come to be an integral part of the new expression of humanity

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

Into this time of creativity you have come to be an integral part of the new expression of humanity. There is a great deal of oscillation now for all of you. On the up cycle you perceive the Awakening. On the down cycle you perceive the intense expressions of the planet in war, pollution, corruption, and inequality. The question arises…do you need to put your focus on the highest only or do you need to be “informed” by all that the news would offer you. We say time and again, be formed from within by trust and gratitude.

Can you be compassionate if you are constantly looking up to the light while others suffer? This you ask yourself. We are here to help you resolve this seeming paradox.The truth is that you can only offer what you have. Fill yourself with the light and then give to all in just the moment you are in. This is all that you can do to help no matter what the nature of reality is. Give from passion. Give from inspiration. Give from fullness.

There is enough anger in the world. To see the harm that some may cause out of fear can inspire you to find the No! that does not require anger but only action. Anger arises most fiercely out of a belief in powerlessness. Those who feel the power of love within can feed the poor without hating the rich, can comfort the suffering in the moment of need, can laugh the laughter of lightness with those in joy, all the while holding gratitude most dear. We will join you in these actions always.

Bless you in this.”