All over the world there are those who are For Giving

“Beloved Ones,

  All over the world there are those who are For Giving. They are helping each other, children, animals of all kinds, the forests, the seas, the soil, the air…We could go on and on. Let yourself be a part of this by keeping your focus on these. Let the awareness of these be the “news” that you seek to keep up on. Know that your attention and intention shine real energy that helps these to fulfill their purpose. And in connection with these you become a part of the great transformation. And you will know that all around the world others are rejoicing in the the gifts you give as well. 

There is much that is unfolding now. New energy, new life forms (yes! new life forms) new understandings, inventions and technologies are going to be coming ever faster. The heart of love is yet the most important change of all. Whatever happens in the outer will only be used for the highest purpose if it is imbued with Love. Do all that you can to grow your heart now. Let go of any sense of separation…even from those you consider “They”. It is time to bring the truth of Oneness to the fore so that all that comes into expression will be embraced powerfully and shared freely by the servants of Love. Be only Love and you shall find your reward in the joy that it brings instantly for your inner knowing will shout “Yes!” in great delight.”