Affirm your trust in the guidance within

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

Affirm your trust in the guidance within. The mind will lead you on a multitude of paths towards fearful realities but the truth will always offer you the simple way towards peace . Be in the moment with your own sweet heart. Trust in the goodness that never leaves you. God is real and omnipresent. Call for comfort and receive the Holy Spirit. In the midst of all there is the still small voice within. We are here to help you recognize that voice. As we speak so you can speak for the truth is one. Let your asking be for that which you can do and be to reflect the beauty of the truth within.
Kindness is always your to give. Every virtue is within you as you are created to be the manifestation of good in this life and beyond. One small act of giving will reassure you more than all the riches of earth. For it teaches you that you are the creator as well as the created. What will you create on this day and then the morrow and all to follow?

We bless you, always, in this.