Again we say, focus on what you desire and believe in what you believe

“Beloved Ones,
Again we say, focus on what you desire and believe in what you believe. Great changes are coming and awakening is arising all around the world. Just as each of you has seen many a shadow in your healing process….just know that all that becomes visible in the world needs to be seen. But not by you. What do we mean? That those of you who have come to take such a leading part in the transformation need to keep your focus on light, beauty, kindness and delight.

As someone begins to look steadily at something, it is natural for others to turn their eyes to see what is seen. As you keep your eyes, and your tongues steady on the goodness of God, you shall effortlessly bring others to the path. This we ask of you in this time when many are becoming distracted into focus on what they do not desire and giving energy to that which they do not value. Be strong in your shifting the creations of mind to that which is desired and valued, for the creations of mind give energy to whatever they focus on.

You know all of this, but you are aware the temptations have been greater in recent months. Align with good. Do good. Support good. And above all believe that good is stronger than all limitation. In this you will stay in the leadership of spirit and uphold trust for yourself and others.”

Divine Grace