All is as light as you allow it to be

“Beloved Ones,

Into the moment of now We come to be with you. Allow the ease of life to be the gift We bring. All is as light as you allow it to be. Many of you have been receiving recalibrations. This is the uplifting of your ability to hold higher frequencies of love and light. You will find yourselves less likely to fall into shame or blame..a very good thing!

Embrace all of the amazing gifts of your life. Gratitude is the way to anchor these higher frequencies into the level of manifestation. Believe in your highest desires and dreams of changing the world with your intention.

How do you believe? To speak for, act for, and image constantly that which you desire rather than that which you fear or judge; that is the simple task to set for yourself. We are with you helping you to make these choices. Ask for signs and miracles, not only do they increase your own belief but when you share them they are expressions of gratitude and provide faith for others.
Bless you in this.”