All that you desire, seek to give

“Beloved Ones,

All that you desire, seek to give. It is so important especially in your loving relationships. When you feel that you are not getting what you need, then ask yourself if there is some way you can begin to give it. In these times of amplification it is so important to avoid lack and resentment. It is so important to stay in love.

It takes energy to give what you desire, this is true. But it drains more energy and fills up much more time and feels much worse to fall into the traps of lack and resentment. And there are many traps as you well know. Listen to the heart as it guides you to love time and again. Observe the mind and know that it is not the reality of you.

Bless you as you traverse these times. In love, in work, in family and in whatever is central to your life there will be challenges. These are the opportunities to release the old patterns of acting out the belief in lack and judgement. Know that you will succeed for you have come for this purpose. Also know that asking for strength and wisdom from your higher Self and from all that you know as sacred and wise is a great help”