All that you value is in your heart now

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,
All that you value is in your heart now. That is the sign of that personal value, a sense of joy, a sense of desire, that is kindled uniquely in your heart. To image that value in what we call “looking up” “looking out…you hold your dream and you affirm this “All I desire as my highest Self, is God’s will for me”.

What would you vision if in Truth, the angels came and told you personally that you were only needing the clarity brought on by the belief that you really could choose. All that you live in is already arisen in this manner. Of course, when you look up and look out….showing up for your highest vision….the magic, the miracles, the synchronicities, the meetings of old Soul Mates…is a joyful part of your Soul’s fun in playing hide and seek on the Story Planet.

Always led by spiritual law….as you sow, so shall ye reap; as you are willing to receive, thus shall you share. The Mother, The Father, Life and Love are all offering you what you value as it is always in alignment with good.”

We bless you in this.”

Aug 7 2013