Attention and intention are the greatest gifts you have

“Beloved Ones,

 “Every time the unified attention of the many focuses on the moon there is a great intake of the energies that We have been telling you are coming from the Great Central Sun. A great reflector and amplifier, the moon brings you the love of the Mother and the remembrance of the sacred union of all life. The collective is being guided to “pay attention” to these wonderful energies and is responding. Rituals are shared, pictures are shared, and feelings are shared..bringing more attention to the light within the darkness.

 Attention and intention are the greatest gifts you have to use for good. In each moment seek to follow the joy of gratitude to God for all creation. Repeat what pleases you and overcome any repetitions of petty judgement. As you create for yourself and those you speak to…so you create for the world. It is a time when all faith is needed to overcome the fear that would cause despair. Bring your light to bear on all situations. Be like the moon and reflect the light of the Sun in this time of great possibilities.

Remember as well that life is eternal. There are those crossing over in the change you call death. They cross into the arms of Love. Like the sun and the moon, Beloved Ones, those you love may be “off planet” but they are within the bountiful creation of God. They are not gone but expanding in beautiful waves of remembrance. Feel your love deeply, honor your grief, and yet share together the knowing that, yes, they have gone before you but will be waiting to rejoice with you in the timeless Now you call the future.”