Be Not Afraid!

“Beloved Ones,

We are with you! Let the assistance of the Angels be a great gift to you by simply following the ageless truth, “Be not afraid!”. Now is the time to let go of any choice you continue to make because you fear lack, judgement or the unknown. Truly lack does not exist for those who choose trust in God, judgement is always an illusion and the unknown is still open to your will’s highest creation.

These are times of amplification in many ways. Use this increased power to connect with your Higher awareness. Use the increased synergy to join together and create rapidly the new world that you have envisioned for so long. Join with the young of the Earth in the making of new possibilities. Do not look at the old generation that has mindlessly damaged themselves and all as those in power. They are not in power but reside in confusion and fear. They shall pass away.

Believe fully that the power is in the new and the fresh. Just as it is the new growth of fruit and flower that attracts you now in the spring…open to what is being created around the world by those who have grown up connected and conscious. They are here. They, like yourselves, have incarnated to be the change that lifts light high and makes good visible.


Bless you in this.”