Bless yourself for being a part of this Hope

“Beloved Ones,

 “Expect a wave of energy that will be truly productive in the month you call October. A great blessing that will bring many changes. Send your love to your own future, send your love to the future of all. Now is the time to trust that this pruning of the tree of life is for the growth of great good. There is nothing to fear, for you are a part of the answer to many prayers that are circling the Earth. 

Yes, you are the answer to fear and the answer to love. What is this answer? It is Hope. So hold the virtue of Hope in all that you speak for, believe, and pass on to others. Hope is stronger than all that would create fear. Hope has in itself created every advance for good in the world you know. Bless yourself for being a part of this Hope and know fully….All is Well.”