Envision what you desire and not what you fear

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

 Can you believe that you live in a multi-verse? Right here, right now, look around you. Certainly you have been privy to countless images that show you the complexity of possibilities, the many different realities that others are living. Just within the spectrum of your own knowing there is so much evidence to show you that there is no one present, there is no one future. Yet you are wanting good for all. It seems that the future is controlled by someone outside of you…but it is not.

 The future that you experience is the only future for it is the only one you can ever know. All those that seem out on the periphery of your life…be they in Syria, the Ukraine or down the street.. are a part of your reality to the extent that they are held in your awareness. Give them love and never fear. Why do we say this..it is because, Dear Hearts…your dream is empowered by you. You can not change things by viewing them as exterior. Your only power to help comes from within. Use it well and use it wisely. Envision what you desire and not what you fear. Make yourself powerful within that world in which you dwell. Forget not that you emanate your reality..it does not emanate you. Only thus is good created by each for all.