God is good all the time

“Beloved Ones,

There have been waves of energy in this last week. Many of you are choosing to express your life in higher ways. For those who are fully giving, this is creating wonderful inspiration and the openings for them to flower.

For many timelines have shifted suddenly and a way of life, a deep relationship, a belief system may be disappearing. This can create feelings of shock or emptiness. Do not define yourself but reassure yourself. You are not depressed, you are shocked that what you need is actually happening. Believe in the most basic truth. God is good all the time.

You may be called to let go or to embrace. You will feel it and know it, but you will think you don’t know what to do. Invite in the  moment, the moment you stop trying to decide or figure it out and trust that if you stay loving, all will show up wonderfully. This is faith.”