Hold to the joy of the simplest pleasures

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

If you are finding that the many choices of each day are overwhelming you, just breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are a part of a larger plan….a plan that you have been a part of for many lifetimes. The soul groups that you are all a part of, act with a collective intelligence that is above and beyond the conscious mind.

In your culture you have been taught to question and reason with the limited mind. Remember to ask rather than think, trust rather than doubt and love yourself in all. We are with you through these changes as are many of beings of light and wisdom. If you just hold to the joy of the simplest pleasures while the great turning takes place you will find that the sun will rise one day, shining on a planet of peace and plenty.
We Bless you in this.”

Feb 19 2013