If you loved your time, your precious time

“Beloved Ones,

There is an ever increasing acceleration of time coming over the horizon. Allow yourself to know that, wonderfully, you are also learning just at this moment to expand time, to trust time, to love time. What would your life look like if you loved your time, your precious time. If every moment was cherished like a divine chalice to fill with your free will. It is, is it not? Cherish it so.

And this amazing substance, time, that holds your awareness, your experience, your story….what do you wish to fill it with. First of all, We say… fill it with peace. You can do this. It is as easy as a deep deep breath and a dropping into the field of peace that permeates all. As God is omnipresent…the peace is right there waiting for you always. Once you have chosen peace, let yourself feel…I am Safe. I am Loved. I am at Choice.

And as you feel and know what you wish to fill your time with, know that you are unique and here for a purpose. You are a human living in your story, your life, your relationships. So don’t look for abstractions but the simple next step, word or belief that will serve you and all you care for.”