In the fresh and the fertile you will find the new arises with ease

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

There are many events arising in your world of form. Nothing is for the purpose of creating fear…all is for the purpose of bringing to the fore the need for choice and change. Again we say, do not point at any “they” or “them” but trust that you have chosen a Soul group that came to bring peace. Crumbling structures may fall on those who stand near and put their focus there. Remove your energy and your focus from the old and do all that you can to create the new. In the fresh and the fertile you will find the new arises with ease. Many are called.

Eat the food that grows with love. Craft your life from a sense of freedom. Reach out and believe that the Souls you meet have kept a divine appointment with you and what you learn together you learn for all. And what is to be learned? Most importantly the move from mind to heart. Yes, there is a higher mind that will give all intelligence when asked and you are a part of this. But the old mind of struggle and strife, of cause and effect, of lack and judgement… needs to be released in a great and grateful drop into heart and will.

Yes! I will! is the foundation of all greatness. Will what? Ahh, that is for you to find out through following your joy…following that most natural Yes! that is yours alone and yet fits within the powerful synergy that is arising.

The reunion and celebration are a gift from God. You do not attain them but you do create them out of the very gratitude that unites you with the infinite Beloved.”