Into the infinite moment of now…simply arrive.





“Beloved Ones,

Into the infinite moment of now…simply arrive.  There is nothing you need to become. Yet, change is the gift of time being perception. You are moving, flowing, giving, receiving….relax into it. Softening into your true Self, find comfort awaiting you.  Rising into your true Self, find joy awaiting you.  

Here you are on the story planet. Brought forth as a babe and breathing one breathe after another until this very moment…you can only wonder, how, why, what? No one has the answer but all know that love is the only answer that rings true. Don’t make it hard. Don’t make it complex. Look through all of your conditioning, personal, cultural, religious, spirtual, and see the task at hand…one word of kindness, one choice of comfort, one blast of fun at a time. We are with you.   

Bless you in this.”

  Divine Grace