It is not about denial. It is about empowerment

“Beloved Ones,

Focus on what you desire and not what you fear. This is our first lesson and one you are aware of from so many sources of truth. Just do it. Does this mean that you are not aware and honest with your fears? No, it means that you flip them into clarity about what you need to create to resolve that fear and then just do it. It means that you know and respect the creative power of your words and use that power for you own highest good.

It is not about denial. It is about empowerment. It is about taking your life into your own hands and your own words. Tell it like it is. And that is-ness has no power to make you a victim, if you simply ask within. Ask within for the most empowering interpretation. Ask within for the highest action available. Ask within for the forgiveness that frees you from judging other or yourself.  Ask within for a perspective that sets you free to chuckle and grin. Ask within for how you can get the attention, love, support, nurturance, and respect you need and deserve without “making it hard”