It is the no lose choice of choices!

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

Again we say, All is Well. Rejoice! How can you lose in that choice. It is the no lose choice of choices! Simply to rejoice! Rejoice in your friendships! Rejoice in your homes! Rejoice in your freedoms…to gaze at beauty, to connect in so many ways, to eat the bounty of bounties, to drink the water of Mama Earth, to look, to learn, to understand from the highest minds around the globe at the touch of symbols beneath your fingertips, and beyond all else to love!

Rejoice that babies are born and grow and carry love through time. Rejoice that the spirit leaves the body when done, guided by loving arms and reassuring whispers that always say “All is Well”

Make the choice of champions of the glorification of God – Rejoice!
Find the way that feels natural, find the very next choice that you make only because that is what you really want. That is the way to the land of Rejoice.

We bless you in this.”

Aug 21 2013