Let go of all dispute….even with yourself

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

This is the time to live your love. Let go of all dispute….even with yourself. As you express…so you experience. Express only kindness and warmth. There is much being disclosed but do not be distracted. You are not looking for what has been wrong, what is wrong or what will be wrong. You can not make the world safe by seeking this.

What then can you do…put your attention and intention on the flow of love in the moment. With mindfulness, the joy, the beauty of life is right there in an ever expanding circle of awareness that is you. The sacred touch, fragrance, taste, kiss of life is always right there where you are because you are life yourself and here you are expressing not just in, but AS this amazing story planet. Chose the blessings and the gratitude and be free! This year, We say, is a path where “free passes” are scattered like rose petals. Yes, Beloved, they are for you!”