Love, loyalty, and truth are on the march

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

In this time of change, know that all that really matters is solid and real. Love can not change, Loyalty can not change, Truth can not change. Yet, when Love, Loyalty and Truth come to serve that of the One… rather than being held back in belief or service of separation and the belief in the Other…then shall change arise out of a great awakening. Rejoice and know that as each emanates their reality….as more and more are seeking only peace, emanating only peace and speaking only peace…the shift can not be stopped, the tide can not be turned. Love, Loyalty and Truth are on the march towards full expression of Unity and Celebration. And you are a part of this. A perfect part, as you simply relax into Who you really are.

We Bless you in this.”

Nov 27 2012