New and dynamic belief in Spirit acting through you

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

All is well. Again we say this and know that we mean you. These times of increased energy and shifting time fields are allowing you to see deeper into the illusion of your story. You recognize the barriers to all that you would choose. Anger, shame, fear, then go deeper and you will find sweet primal life force. Yet the journey that teaches you to no longer fear the fear, try to escape from the shame, or disown the natural need beneath the anger….is a journey made up of  all that you call your life. The hopes for love, the desire for union, the challenges with parents and children, the quest for the fulfilled life of Spirit-led service that you know you came for….ahh, here are the challenges!

So feel your primal fear of abandonment, betrayal and non-survival….but do not call it you. Just feel and realize you can be with this feeling..this sensation. You are not in danger but at choice. Finally the fear can not disturb the truth you know. All is well.

You are not the sum of old actions, you are a divine field of awareness right now. But the shame must be melted with the light of the Son. And you are this. The child of God. You can not have failed in any way in this brief flash of life, this dream. For you are only here as consciousness to learn to forgive, to live as Love. Know that the shame you have twined to your story…is only a ball of energy. Let it go and come to Ease. Would not the Angels and all of the bearers of Truth tell you the same.

God has not betrayed you. There is no They. So if these two extremes, nor all between, can not be the recipients of your anger….who are you angry at and why? The world is, as it has always been, a multi-dimensional opportunity to feel. And feel you do. So see what your feelings are telling you. What natural need that you can actually advocate for is beneath the anger? Instead of finding any old pattern of projection or denial leading to depression, Awake! You are at choice. Nothing dispels the old wounds like new and dynamic belief in Spirit acting through you. Joy can come in a twinkling for you are Alive! Alive!

When all of the energy that has been held in these levels releases…indeed then all of you shall create the New World of your knowing. And Angels and Light Beings and all of the Good join you in Celebration.
We Bless you in this.”

Mar 27 2013