Not lukewarm kindness, we mean absolute audacious kindness!

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

In these times of great trial….for there are many temptations to believe someone to be “Them”….and this is indeed a great trial….allow yourself to believe that there is only “One”. As we have heard you say “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Now recognize that it is not some elite group, some spiritual or New Age group, some ancient or Shamanic group, some enlightened group, but rather the We of all together that will change the world.

What do you know, that you have known for a long long time…that you are not letting yourself realize? What are you not choosing that you know you can choose if only you would dare to love yourself as God loves you? We are here always to remind you that you are free, free to choose and to be chosen. Chosen by life to live in joy, peace and fulfilled love.

Every step you take towards willingness to live fully will be more than rewarded…it will be rejoiced in even in Heaven. Yes, heaven is real and We are here to cheer you on to live on earth as it is in Heaven. Be willing, not with your mind, but with your words and your actions.

Be kind first to your Self and then to all others. This is the key. Not lukewarm kindness, we mean absolute audacious kindness!

We bless you in this.”