Really become quick at noticing the ego’s tricks

“Beloved Ones,

Really become quick at noticing the ego’s tricks. They are always unpleasant. If something you are hearing in your mind about someone is creating unpleasant feelings, it is a trick. It is not even the true You that is believing it. You know the truth of love. You are the Soul unaffected and whole. Always.

Does the ego-mind insist that if you just talk to them about it, if you just demonstrate how “wrong” something was…then things will be better? The ego wants to get you to feel unpleasant now in the belief in this story and it wants you to feel unpleasant later when you supposedly deal with it. Fool the ego-mind right back, and have a pleasant moment in every moment, refuse to be in judgement or reaction to perceived judgement. Have fun, create joy, dance, play and prosper.
The next time you see the person that triggered the ego’s trick, be who you really are…a radiant being filled to overflowing with love. This is far more healing in every relationship. You will receive ever greater recognition and respect. You will not be caught in the ego’s illusion of blame. You will be free to live in the joyous moment.”