Reassure yourself as We reassure you

“Beloved Ones,

 “You may be asking yourself now, “Will I ever have the life I desire? You may be asking y0urself, “Will I ever fulfill my purpose? Is it too late? Am I headed downhill, can I be healed enough, focused enough, happy enough to really get it together?” You may be asking yourself, “Is it too late for the world, as well? Can all of this be turned around?

We say, Beloveds, you are at choice. In each moment, reassure yourself as We reassure you. This IS the great turning. You really did come to help and you are helping. Right now. Just as you are you are helping. Just as all of these events are arising on the Earth it is a part of the plan.
So keep trusting. Keep loving yourself and others. Keep believing in the Awakening and the Oneness to come. Keep choosing beauty, kindness, and joy. We are come to reassure you. Help us by reassuring yourself. Your questions are a part of the answer. That which is becoming visible, though it may be intense…is becoming visible so it can be cleared. Personally and globally.
Truly, We see you all awakening. Rejoice with us.