Relax into this time of change

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

Allow yourself to really relax into this time of change. We are with you. Many Beings of Light and Love are modulating the energies of upliftment that are entering your bodies, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual …..all bodies being brought into higher potential.

Trust that if you do all that brings you peace and joy, you will make it as easy as possible on these bodies. Making love, making life, finding gratitude in simple things, all of this is the way to transcend gently.

You may be feeling physical responses such as muscle and joint soreness, dizziness, being tired or at times full of energy or wakefulness. We won’t call them symptoms, but rather responses. Hold them with tenderness as you would a newborn child. Yes, hold your own bodies…each level of your temple of expression…with tenderness. Give yourself not resistance but kindness. We bring you loving tidings of great Light soon to expand in sweetest remembrance of the One.

We Bless you in this.”

Dec 11 2012