pRoshi Neurodynamic Activator-

Complex Light Stimulation

  • Improves Memory
  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Replicates Meditation
  • Increases Concentration
  • Used for PTSD in Veterans
  • Assists Brain Function after Stroke, Surgery or Injury

Following many studies and tens of thousands of hours of clinical use, it has been shown that light stimulation across the delta to gamma range in a coherent Fhi ratio allows the brain to reset to its unique natural pattern. Physical and emotional traumas cause “looping” stuck on frequencies that create pain and emotional “triggers.” Head trauma, surgery, and shock can start low-frequency waves which continue to cause brain fog and lethargy.

Listen to healing music (with Solfeggio frequencies and bi-aural beats) and relax while giving your brain a boost! Sessions $60 (60 minutes)

Recommend 3 sessions within 10 days for maximum gain. Ongoing sessions for greater clarity and insight.

For Sessions: Email: or  Call 808-264-5940 Sessions are consistently available in Haiku at at 2 and 3:30 Tuesday through Friday. Alternate times can be arranged. Please email your choice of a time and I will confirm. If not available I will send options. Changes made a day in advance are no problem.

pRoshi Neurodynamicactivator

“Being the world’s first electrodeless neurofeedback trainer and acting as a highly flexible ‘Mantra’, the goal of the pROSHI is to aid the brain operator in stabilizing the brainwave symphony and to bring the whole spectrum to low amplitude, high flexibility.
This also creates clarity and high performance through the brain’s system of ‘Phase Tracking’ and ‘Impulse Response’. The brain also relearns to manage and optimize its flexible blood profusion capabilities.

With the pROSHI, we’re training for whole brain phase coherence, strength, flexibility and endurance; implementing the brain’s own innate Non-Linear Dynamics, providing one the most excellent and optimized starting points, for any neurotherapeutic modality.

Of course, the road to that goal, of quieting the ‘background noise’ of the brain, can be awfully tough, but The pROSHI is designed to help guide one there, by tapping into the Singularity or the Zero Point Field, of the mind, the Source of all Healing, better than any other device known, since the teachings of the Mantra, the earliest known method,
of tapping into the ‘Self-Organization’ power of the original brain/mind template.

The NeuroDynamic Activator® is validated by Live Z-Score measurements (bringing the brain wave patterns into appropriate range, amplitude and flexibility). Disentanglement is evident.”

Chuck Davis, ROSHI Corporation

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Rest in peace, Chuck…all the Roshinis and Roshidudes love you! Your warmth, your dedication, and your brilliance changed our lives…as did the Roshi!