See the sweetness of life that perseveres

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

There are times of intensity coming, We do acknowledge this, Dear Hearts,  storms, and changes of all kinds. Remember always that you are choosing your timeline, your path, to be one of peace. Emanate that peace and it shall keep you strongly on that path. Now is the time to choose peace over fear. Join with those who send prayers to all in need. Feel empowered rather than overwhelmed. You can make this choice. Call on the angels, call on your own higher Soul Self and find in the moment that you are in, each moment that you are in, peace is right there waiting for you to relax into it. Ahhh, be the relief that you need, right now.

We send you reassurance. You are here for these changes. You are a part of them and there is nothing to fear. Learn the lessons that your insights bring you quickly. Act for your knowing, letting go of old patterns of lack and fear of judgement. See the sweetness of life that perseveres in every bird song, every green tree, every friend’s joy to see you once again.

We bless you in this.”