Simply blossoming into gratitude

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

There are times now of simple presence. There are times now of trust, chosen, simply blossoming into gratitude, for friends, for beauty, for life, for making it to now.

Yes, now! You have all made it past all the predicted earth changes of the 80’s, Y2K at the turn of the century, and the Mayan awakening to an event horizon of rapture, just recently passed.

And yet you wake up each day as a point of awareness, as a willing heart, as a yearner for love and peace and joy. Who are you? You are this….the feelings that move through the matrix of God. And you are loved!

So look up in these times of presence, look up, look out, and ask sweetly, ” In this moment, what is my joy and my service, intertwined as love and purpose?”

Let it be as small as it is. Or large. The spirit within speaks in the now, and life shows you that whatever is asked, truly, can be chosen in the now. Watch for the signs and the joys. Give yourself affirmation. As you trust, you will be answered by God’s love, just as you are that answer to someone else who has asked, willing to receive.

Dance together, beautiful Souls of Earth. Sing together, that you may find that those who dance and sing are those that share. Those that share are your family and your destiny. Rejoice as you keep meeting these…ahhhhh….. another Old Soul Connection!

We Bless you in this.”

May 8 2013