The final big sigh of release

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

As these days pass let yourself know that it simply ok to be who you are. What would the final big sigh of release feel like? What would the Belly Laugh of finally letting go sound like, echoing through the Universe? Would all the angels of heaven be laughing with you? Would the elves in the woods spring to listen to your Soul’s sweet remembrance of love go tinkling through your laughter?

All is well, Beloveds. As you go into this deep allowance, amazingly you become more clear, more creative, and especially more willing to choose what you really want from who you really are. All that you try to push yourself to be can simply arise into the space that your create by letting go.

Breathe in Ease…right here, right now. Another breath of Ease and then another. We are with you, Beloveds and our gift is to lead you to the easy and the joyful!
We Bless you in this.”

Jan 29 2013