The global situation is reaching a stage of quantum change

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

We offer you reassurance in this time of intensity. In what you know as the outer world there are many strong energies moving now. Stay above all fear. The global situation is reaching a stage of quantum change. Just as water roils and dances as it changes form from liquid to steam, the economic, political, and social forms are surging with energy as they move into a higher state. And it will be a higher state. So fear not but choose each action of your own from the Source of love within.

Each of you has chosen an incarnation of great learning. Yet you have chosen a place of high potential. You are not impoverished even when you are “broke”. You are not imprisoned even when you are “stuck”. So allow your knowing to be that you truly are safe, loved, and purposeful. Keep looking with trust at the truth that there is a greater plan and it is speedily being brought into expression.

We bless you, always, in this.”