The opportunity for change has arisen

“Beloved Ones,

 We are with you as you move through these great waves of light that are changing your very Being. As has been foretold by many wise Ones on Earth the opportunity for change has arisen. Yet all is as simple as you allow it to be. As simple as kindness for yourself and others, as simple as trust instead of fear. All healing, all wisdom does indeed lead only to this and the actions that arise from kindness and trust. Be joyous in the kindness. Be joyous in the trust.

 The petty mind that has fooled humanity into such actions of suffering is going to be transcended by the Higher Mind that creates such beauty and unity that you can only gasp in gratitude and awe. The changes are upon the waters and the land, the creatures of land and sky, the flow of time and the creation of matter. Let the changes permeate your being by simply breathing in and out and affirming the great I AM as your true Being. You are a part of this. You are a part of All. And you have chosen to be in body, in heart, in mind at this time of turning so you could participate.

Again we say…that participation is kindness and trust, hand and hand, in the Now. Beloved, be kind and speak only for kindness. Beloveds, be trusting and speak only for what you desire and not what you fear. Past, present, future…all are uplifted by this choice. Live in the Kingdom of Grace. We welcome you.