The past is as it is. Let it go. You are not that.

divine grace angel readings“Beloved Ones,

This is the moment you have been waiting for. How could it not be? You are more enlightened and more aware in this moment than you have ever been before in this life. So stop waiting and allow yourself to truly decide to live to the dictates only of your highest Soul knowing. You know what this is, it is the freedom from fear.

And as you know that you can choose where you will “come from” and what energy you will express into your world, no matter what the circumstances….you are free. Step up to this moment and rejoice.

Allowance is also a great help in letting go. The knowing that at least from your timeline right now..the past is as it is. Let it go. You are not that. You are a living expression of God’s love. That is all that you can be.

It is great time of letting go and stepping up. Be kind to yourself while you spiral through all of your unique experiences leading you to wisdom. This is the story planet and you, Beloved Ones, are writing with free will. What a gift it is when turned toward the light.

We Bless you in this.”