There is no failure or judge

“Beloved Ones,

 “There are whole new possibilities arising with every new day. You can feel the “time density” increasing, you can feel the collective mind taking a new look at the future of the world, you can feel that “something is up.” Let that something be you. Now is the time to look within and feel what you have always known. What would your purpose look like if you were living it fully.

There is no demand, there is no failure or judge and there is no late to be. Yet, there is a loving God that creates a desire within you to reach out for fulfillment. The wonderful thing about the universe is that when you do good, you feel joy. D good for yourself on all levels, good for those close in your constellation of Souls, and good for whatever you perceive to be your passion.
We do not speak these words to make a demand. We simply say that in the joy of connecting and the empowerment of synergy there is a way to be now that will leave all of y0ur regrets, your attachments, your habits, your loneliness and your fear that it might be too late….far behind. We have been saying look up and look out….that is because you ARE your field of awareness and you simply become more in the very act of imagining what we might mean by look up and look out. Guidance and passion are within, they are the Kingdom….that which you see when you look up and look out is where you can put your holy power, where you can join with others in joyous synergy. It is time. Again, you are not behind and you don’t need to figure it out. We are here to announce the loving waters that lift all who are not clinging to the bottom. You don’t have to heal anything to say “Yes”, right now. Just keep saying in all your words and actions…I Am That, I AM and I Will That, I Will.”