Waves of awakening are arising for all of you

“Beloved Ones,

 “Waves of awakening are arising for all of you. This can take many forms. You may feel that you need to change. You may feel that you just can not go on waiting for the great change to come. You may look at a person or situation as restraining your good…both as a receiver and as a giver of your gifts. And you may feel emotional, exhausted, hyper or confused. Let it all go. Keep trusting that these energies are doing their work and lifting you as they are lifting all.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t ask and receive. Use the energy to deal with what you know needs to change and which you have every right to change. Ask of yourself to let go of old beliefs and patterns. Ask of others for what will bring your relationships into new balance and trust. Ask of God to give you the reassurance that you need that truly the world is moving past separation and scarcity mindedness and into unity and abundance. Ask of your Higher Self for the simple yes or no on the actions you should take, the words you should speak, and the next step on the path that starts right where you are.
Those who watch over this Earth are reassured as more and more people are looking up from fear and finding faith…not in an external religion but in a permeating God of goodness.   Find faith in yourself, find faith in what you choose, and find faith in the future that is your own personal and perfect timeline of joy. In co-creation all good is not only possible but already existing.”