Yet, to ask always, “How can I be good?” and “How can I do good?”

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

We are here not to make your way in life more abundant or more at ease as you may think. This may, however, come as the fruit of your choices. We are here to bring you into awareness of the possibility of virtue. Yes, virtue expressed in each moment. At the end of your life you will not remember the daily challenges of health or money. You will know that the choices of love, of kindness, of hope given to others as well as yourself….these are the true health and riches that you experienced and that you will carry with you. There is such a thing as goodness. It is the goodness that you want to BE that is important rather than the goodness that you want to have.

We are willing always to offer you guidance as you ask. Your own Soul, as you ask within, is ready to answer as well. Yet, to ask always, “How can I be good?” and “How can I do good?” is going to bring you so much greater joy than to ask, “Will this good come to me?”

Of course, Beloveds, you are concerned with the cares of your life, you are fully engaged in the many needed choices of each day. Use the wisdom that you have within to look to the potential for all of life’s situations to be the impetus for the expression of virtue, not just scenarios in which you hope to get what you want.

We bless you in this.

Divine Grace