You are all growing at an exponential rate

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

Think upon the blessings of growth that you have received during this time of increased energy, events, and challenges. Yes, you are all growing at an exponential rate and the simple choice now of acting for what you know, yes, purely and intentionally REALLY acting for what you know….will bring you to peace, joy, and abundance so quickly. For many years you have gone over and over these truths that are so new and so ancient.

New, in that it is now time for “everyman” to act for that which was called wisdom, and taught at Mystery Schools and thought to be gained through sacrifice and deep meditation; that which was ancient and obvious in the beginning of time when hu-man did indeed walk with God in the Garden.

Return to the garden by returning to innocence in each simple choice. Listen well to your inner knowing and do not put off heeding… in the mundane and the profound choices that are appearing to you now.

We Bless you in this.”

June 11 2013