Allow yourself to believe in the greatest good

“Beloved Ones,

This is the time of evolution. This is the time of revolution which is the great turning. Allow yourself to believe in the greatest good you can imagine. Every trip, every action, every word you have ever spoken first lived in your imagination and then was brought forth. This is the only way and each one of you are a thread in the great tapestry of tomorrow, weaving yourself into time with beauty and grace.

Do not repeat the limitations of fear but use the sacred word to create in this field of information that you call life and experience. We say these words time and again so that each day you can break a little more out of habit of reflecting fear from one to another. Rejoice and be free. You are co-creators and the timelines of sharing, caring and love are opening to those who step up and step out each according to their gifts.

Bless you in this.”