You have been given Free Will, but only in each moment

“Beloved Ones,

Come into this moment. How often We say this! This is because you have been given Free Will, but only in each moment. You are in the physical where you can think,  speak, and act. Your choice of expression is yours to make, only in the moment you are in. Free Will in that moment takes one of these forms. You attention and intention are right there for your use to think. to speak, to act. Your vibrational emanations are an act. They effect others and all. We are here to help you use your Free Will for good.

The mind often carries you out of the moment, the emotional body can also lead you into past or future. You are the I Am. You are pure awareness. Stay with your true Self in the moment and you will find that each small choice, consciously expressed, brings you ever higher in that you know as your life.”