You – not as victim or fixer but as life itself

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

The energies of destruction are gathering in areas of political and financial life as more and more truth is unveiled. Allow yourself to feel the totality of change for the good so that you do not fall into fear. Know that you have already chosen a path of peace and plenty. Look around you and rejoice.

Let go of any guilt or fear that you, as part of your culture and country have caused the suffering of others. Only by letting go of guilt for and identification with oppression can you free yourself into being your Soul Self. In that renewed energy and perspective you ask only in each moment..where can I serve?

As the quickening continues, all of you that open your Will to serve the Oneness -not as victim or fixer but as Life itself…all of you will find the way to return to love and to the garden that has always been.

We bless you in this.”

July 17 2012